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Ford Galaxie Starliner

Considered by many to be the best looking of the classic big Galaxies, the Starliner even won a design award from an international design authority. The Centro per L'Alta Moda Italiana presented its award for "functional expression of classic beauty" to the 1961 Starliner.

Function followed form in 1961 with the introduction of the legendary 390 cubic inch FE series engine. Only available in the 352 version in 1960, Ford answered the power-hungry public with one of its most iconic engines offering 375 horsepower with a single four barrel. The '61 Starliner was the first Ford and the first manufacturer to top the magical 400 hp barrier with its 401 hp three two-barrel offering. Having just emerged from an industry-wide ban on direct participation in motorsports, The Starliner would become the poster child for the new "Total Performance" years at Ford.